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Monday, 10 June 2013

assalamualaikum...selamat petang...hahha
dah balik dari kelas sudah...huh...dari pukul 9 smpai pukul 4...huh...bayang kan lah jd student yg top nie..hahah...x semangat la jugak sbb 1st day..pkul 9 dah masuk kelas ustazah radin bg sub fiqh nnt minggu depan dah kena la rasanye bla dah jd senior besar...haha....pndai2 la buat problem...aku boleh buat punya...

Pukul 11 msuk dlm kelas credit management yg diajar oleh miss nainunis...dah 3 sem dy ajar aku...aku still lgi `takut` dgn dy...ntah serius la aku nie bkn ye jnis rapat2 dgn lecturer ni...hehe...korg taw...masuk2 kls yg x pernah aku msuk selama aku 5 sem nie...rupanya aku msuk kls yg aircond dy rosak...ya Allah..mmg perlukan kesabaran yg berlipat x ganda lah...alahai...serius la aq x mmpu...haha...smpi bdk2 laki yg x pkai tudung pn...boleh lencun habis...malu la sikit dgn dak2 pmpn yg x berpeluh walaupun pkai tudung...haha..Akhir ye...selamat jugak dpt tukar kls aircond...haha...klu x 1st kelas dah ponteng dah...haha...uat keje jahat sekali2..

p/s:muhasabah diri...baru panas dunia...x panas akhirat...semoga aku x mengeluh atas segala nikmat yg diberi-Nya...mahupon panas @ sejuk...

Lepas habis kls c.nain...pkul 2 masuk plak kelas Microeconomics...PA aku yg ajar...haha...hari nie...cik isma cool sangat...dy ckp boleh tidur,urut,makan gula2,minum air, apa lagi ye....aku x ingat la...haha...lecturer mana la nk bg tidur dlm kls...takat take 5 tuh ok lah...haha...

terima la kasih dekat semua lecturer yg sanggup ajar kami...diploma islamic banking semester 5...
doakan anak2 didikmu...

Sunday, 9 June 2013


hai selamat pagi semua..wah pagi2 dah bkak laptop terus nak update blog..haha....bagus2...azam la tuh...hari nie pukul 9 ada kelas..gila kau pukul 9...aku nak tidur lagi la...hai aten2...ingat la kau 2 dah masuk sem 5...sedar2 la diri 2...apa lagi azam aku sem nie..dpt 4 flat...hahaha....bleh ke..haha...



heheh...lama x update blog nie..hmmm....x femes kot blog nie...hahha...x sgka..
so...azam aku nk rajin rajin rajin update cerita apa2 la..hmmm... kesian kat x rajin nk tlis apa2...hhuhu..ok la...aku nk tidur dlu...esok..aku smbung cerita2 aku...

hakhak....selamat malam...dri :Bang yongguk...

SHINEE Member Profile

SHINee (샤이니)


Name: Lee JinKi (이진기)
Stage Name: Onew (온유)
Birthday: 14th December 1989 (22)
Height: 177cm
Blood Type: O
Weight: 61kg
Position: Leader and lead vocalist
Talents: Piano, Chinese
Hobbies: Listening to music, playing basketball, speaking in English and Mandarin, performing, playing the piano, and eating chicken
Favourite Colours: Yellow and red

About Onew:
They first recognised Onew at the 2006 S.M. Academy Casting. He has the stage name Onew because of his soft voice. He trained under S.M. Entertainment for two years before he debuted as the leader of SHINee in 2008. He starred in the musical Hyungjeneun Yonggamhaetda (형제는 용감했다/Brothers were Brave) in 2010 as a character named JuBong. He also starred in Rock of Ages playing as the lead role, Drew. As well as this, he has also played a brief role as a bumbling doctor in the last episode of the K-drama Dr. Champ.

Fun Facts About Onew:
• Is nicknamed tofu, “Ondubu”
• His first time ever performing on stage, he was so nervous he couldn’t see anything in front of him, and forgot his lyrics before going up, but the thought of his parents sitting in the front row helped him calm down while he was performing
• Has a deep love for chicken
• Has Onew condition, haha, when he tries to be funny, but instead freezes the atmosphere awkwardly… But there’s always that odd occasion once or twice a year that someone actually finds it funny :P
• Has an obsession with NG-ing, quote Key: “You just can’t not NG, can you!?”
• When he was little and had long hair, he used to tie his hair up with the string used to tie up the bread bag
• Once said that if he was a girl, out of the SHINee members he would date Key
• When he doesn’t know how to answer a question when he is nervous he flails about and slips into a state of being baffled
• Has trained the longest out of all the SHINee members
• “I recieve a lot of snacks and yoghurts that have nearly the same names as mine”, quote Onew

Name: Kim JongHyun (김종현)
Birthday: 8th April 1990
Height: 173cm
Blood Type: AB
Weight: 58kg
Position: Main vocalist
Talents: Chinese, piano
Hobbies: Watching movies, playing the piano, writing lyrics
Favourite Colours: Black and green

About JongHyun:
Is sometimes called “Bling Bling”, or “Hey Bling” by the other members. He is a part of the project group S.M. The Ballad, alongside Super Junior’s KyuHyun, TRAX’s Typhoon, and Jino. He was born and raised in Seoul where he was scouted on the streets, and auditioned at the 2005 S.M. Casting System. After three years of training under S.M. Entertainment, he debuted with SHINee on May 25th in 2008 on Inkigayo. He was also one of the cast in Immortal Song 2 for two episodes, and recorded one of the OST songs for the K-drama City Hunter called “So Goodbye” (which is on the ‘City Hunter OST Part 2’).

Fun Facts About JongHyun:
• “Why cover it up if you make a mistake? Just admit it truthfully, won’t it be good?”, quote JongHyun
• Used to share a bedroom with Key
• Likes to exercise and take good care of his body
• “If I meet an alien, I will definitely be scared at first, but after a while when I get to know it, I will consider how to send it back home.”, quote JongHyun
• Whenever he hears one of his own songs, he will get extremely excited, will lip-sync, dance and fidget around along with the song (even when he chokes on his water while in the moment, it will not dim his excitement)
• Is not camera shy at all
• “How do I wash the rice? Why doesn’t key eomma know!? …So you wash it like this, TaeMin?? Wow!”, quote JongHyun
• Is the shortest of the whole group
• Onew once said that when JongHyun starts to cry, he’ll cry the whole day :(
• When he’s nervous he talks really fast, but nobody notices because he usually talks so much anyway

Name: Kim KiBeom (김기범)
Stage Name: Key (키)
Birthday: 23rd September 1991
Height: 177cm
Blood Type: B
Weight: 59kg
Position: Vocalist, lead rapper and lead dancer
Talents: Rap, dance, English, Chinese and Japanese
Hobbies: Water Skiing, fashion and English
Favourite Colour: Pink

About Key:
Key was first discovered at the 2005 S.M. National Tour Audition Casting. Before he debuted with SHINee in 2008, he made an appearance in Super Junior’s Wonder Boy music video as an extra dancer. He featured in TRAX’s song ‘치유 (Healing)’, as well as ‘화성인 바이러스/Hwaseongin Virus (Boys & Girls)’ by SNSD/Girl’s Generation. He is known as the “triple threat” because he is a rapper, singer and dancer in the band, and for that reason was then given the title ‘Almighty Key’.
Fun Facts About Key:
• Asker: “How many girl group dances are there that you can do?” Key: “There is no limit. Show me once, I can do it.”
• Calls MinHo and TaeMin “kids with no emotions” because they don’t cry as much as the other members
• Checks his phone and iPod as soon as he wakes up
• Onew, JongHyun, MinHo and TaeMin all chose him as the member they would date if they were a girl
• Gets angry when the members don’t eat the food he makes
• Is very good at drawing
• When he gets nervous, his voice suddenly changes to a higher pitch. It isn’t like he’s trying to be cute, it just happens
• According to MinHo, Key sometimes talks in a higher pitch just to act cute (and TaeMin thinks it is cute)
• He is easy to prank
• He says when he saw Shawols in Singapore celebrating his birthday during the SHINee World Concert, he was so touched he almost cried :’)

Name: Choi MinHo
Birthday: 9th December 1991 (20)
Height: 181cm
Blood Type: B
Weight: 60kg
Position: Main rapper and sub-vocalist
Talents: Rap, Chinese, English
Hobbies: Soccer, basketball, acting
Favourite Colour: Blue

About MinHo:
MinHo was first cast at the 2006 S.M. Casting System. Before he debuted with SHINee, he modeled for Ha SangBaek’s Seoul Collection F/W 2008-2009 in March of 2008. He made an appearance in SNSD/Girl’s Generation’s Gee music video in 2009 and in VNT’s debut music video, “Sound”. He is one of the permanent cast in Dream Team Season 2 and is nicknamed “Ace” of the show, because he often wins a lot of the challenges (he even won a Kia Cadenza on episode 101, the ACE Special). He made his acting debut on November the 22nd in 2010 in a KBS drama special called ‘Pianist’. He is also known as Flaming Charisma MinHo.

Fun Facts About MinHo:
• The other SHINee members reckon MinHo looks best when he isn’t wearing make up
• Used to share a room with Onew and TaeMin
• He thought that TaeMin was older than him when they first met
• In SHINee’s Hello Baby, when JongHyun kissed YooGeun, Key didn’t do anything. But when MinHo kissed YooGeun, Key wiped YooGeun’s mouth
• Says that if he were stranded on a deserted island and could only take three things, he would take a mobile phone, all the SHINee members and Korean instant ramyun
• On his 19th birthday he got on a plane on the day before his birthday, and when he arrived in Korea, because of the time difference, his birthday had already been, and he basically missed out on his own birthday
• Once played soccer with his friends until early morning, and after that, he slept for two days
• MinHo is the least skilled at Japanese out of all the SHINee members
• Both him and Onew like watching the anime One Piece
• Describes himself as a fire, he gets excited quickly, but also cools down easily

Name: Lee TaeMin
Birthday: 18th July 1993
Height: 175cm
Blood Type: B
Weight: 53kg
Position: Vocalist and main dancer
Talents: Dancing, piano, Chinese
Hobbies: Listening to music, acting, dancing, soccer and basketball
Favourite Colour: White

About TaeMin:
TaeMin was first discovered at the 2005 S.M. Open Weekend Audition Casting. He made his acting debut in the Korean sitcom TaeHee, HyeGyo, KiHyun! as Lee JunSu in 2009 and played the role of Kim SungChae on Moonlight 90 with Key in 2011. He debuted with SHINee after three years of training under S.M. Entertainment. He is well known as SHINee’s ‘dancing machine’ because of his passion and talent for dancing. And is the cutie maknae of SHINee.

Fun Facts About TaeMin:
• After their practice sessions, TaeMin would always stay behind and practice some more
• He loves watching horror movies
• He likes holding hands
• Always loses the stuff he collects every time he tries to start a collection, so he has given up on collecting stuff altogether
• He often studies and does homework when he’s in waiting rooms
• When he was asked if there was one thing he could do forever he said he wants to go diving, he really likes dolphins, so he’d like to be in the water.
• He likes it when he finds out the other members’ secrets
• His favourite flowers are white roses and sunflowers :)
• Him and Onew want to visit Disneyland in Tokyo
• No matter how much he consumes, he doesn’t feel like he’s eaten anything at all if he doesn’t eat rice.
(“TaeMin keeps asking for rice, but you know, people in Paris don’t eat rice, but every time we go out to eat, he asks if they have fried rice! *laughs*”, quote Key)

SHINee’s Me2day:

Fan Names~
SHINee fans are called Shawols (their fan club is called SHINee World, and Shawol is SHINee and World merged)

Their Individual fans are:

JongHyun: Blingers